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Messages from a Chickadee

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Another little messenger on our balcony today. This time, in the form of Mamo’s favorite bird, the #chickadee. Snowbird she called them, when we use to watch them from her back patio.
Certainly another clear message, as this sweet one ran into our window, stayed a while, got her wits about her, watched us a bit and finally flew away.
These passages from Avia Venefica ring true…
“Anybody who has had encounters with the chickadee will certainly recognize their fearlessness. […] courage as well as curiosity. Chickadees are tremendously curious, and sharp-witted. They seem to want to know what we’re doing (or maybe what kind of new seed we may have for them, lol). In this light, the chickadee is symbolic of having the courage to seek out new vistas, new ideas, and new avenues of growth. […]
And what about that tell-tale song they have? Symbolic chickadee meaning is steeped in vocal expression. Once you hear a chickadee call, you always know this bird. This speaks volumes about identity. Chickadees have a signature voice. This reminds us humans to create our own signature call. What is it about YOU that is special, unique, vibrant and lively? Now take the time to vocalize a motto to express that specialness about you. Chirp your uniqueness to the rooftops, as the chickadee does!”
Another message recieved. 🙏💫💖
#messagesfromspirit #mamomusings

Author: A Muse in Harmony

I'm Jess, aka, A Muse in Harmony. Momprenuer, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Educator/Facilitator and all around Badass Manifestor. I embrace music from a holistic perspective. More than just entertainment, it's a powerful tool of entrainment for the body, mind, spirit and the world as we experience it. I pledge to inspire, to move people, and perhaps a mountain or two, with my voice and music. To share my whole, beautiful and sometimes messy truth each and every moment I am on this sacred Earth, and encourage others to do the same.

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