You know that project hubby and I have been working on? Well, we can’t leave you in suspense any longer.
This is about love. This is about beauty. This is about recognizing our form as a vehicle for the divine. Reclaiming the body as sacred. Not sacred to be hidden, no. Sacred to be revered as the fleeting feat of flesh we get to embody for a while.

Sensual? Yes! Sexual? Yes, we all are! The energy created through our sexuality is a gift that can be channeled to create beauty in our lives and in the world. ✨🔥Content Warning🔥✨ Without further adieu, we present to you, our labor of love, @blissanddread.

Author: Jess Bray

Singer-Songwriter + Producer in the high mountains of the Wild American West. Muse + Co-Creator of #ModernMusesOracle & #ModernMusesCommunity.

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