πŸŽΆπŸ’œ A MUSICIAN’S CALL πŸ’« ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE πŸ’« #fbf, to a post from last October that I felt like reviving. πŸ’«
My kind Mother-in-law is gifting me a microphone, so that I may have the opportunity to create better quality music to share with the world. I would love your input and recommendations. I would also be happy to trade vocal work for home studio setup equipment you may have to spare.
Do you know???
β€’ Best USB vocal mic solution for $50?
β€’ Open Source recording software for PC (Windows or Ubuntu)?
β€’ Anyone willing to trade vocal work (spoken word or lyrical) for home studio equipment?
β€’ Advise on setting up said home studio?
I am open and ready to learn and share. Please, help me grow my passion and gifts in the world. Help me live my dream. πŸ’ž

#trade #musicians #seattle #consciousmusic #musicismedicine
#seattlemusic #musiclife #homestudio #singer #vocalist #recordingartist #cocreation

Author: Jess Bray

Singer-Songwriter + Producer in the high mountains of the Wild American West. Muse + Co-Creator of #ModernMusesOracle & #ModernMusesCommunity.

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