A Muse in Harmony

The music we make, creates. Medicine music for all.

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A free bird doesn’t seek to repair its broken cage. It flies. We are only as free as we allow ourselves to be. •
#Anarchy gets a bad rep by those who seek power and control, but I believe we are smarter than that. Overcoming inequality begins as soon as we educate, collaborate, empower ourselves and stop feeding the initiatives of the wealthy few who seek to divide us. •
What if I told you The Women’s March, Black Lives Matter and more were not grassroots at all, but instead, created and funded by white, sickeningly wealthy elites who meddle in the majority of nations and desire a one world government to control all of humanity? Look up George Soros, and begin there. How better to control than by starting seperatist initiatives that keep us at odds? •
#unite the peacemakers, artists, truth seekers and lovers of all kinds. There will be no one race or gender that faces this movement, because it includes us all. It is time to come together as one and #rise. Will you follow, or will you fly? •
“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.” #BobMarley

#freedomdoesnthavetobeafight #takeresponsibilityforyourownactions #doyourownresearch #trustyourownintuition #followyourheart

Author: A Muse in Harmony

A stage performer at age 8, a professional Nashville recording artist by 13 and a record deal on the table by 16, I was born to sing. Disenchanted with the mainstream, commercial track I was on, I set my music aside for years until the pregnancy of my firstborn reawakened my voice. Motherhood has been the greatest flint and tinder to my creative fire. Each of my kids have their own special song, intuitively revealed as I carried each of them in my womb. Sounding during the labor of my second son helped me birth his 10 lb. 13 oz. form in half the time of my first, pushing for only 30 minutes. After experiencing the power of singing during labor firsthand, a passion arose in me to help other birthing Mothers do the same. I embrace music from a holistic perspective. Singing is more than entertainment, it’s entrainment of the mind, body, spirit and world as we experience it. All of life itself is intricately composed of vibration (sound) in constant motion. As human beings, each with our own built-in creation tool, our voice, we have the opportunity to create our world anew. Music carries the listener on a journey, an experience unique to each artists’ creation perspective. Our bodies eventually fade, but music lives on and changes lives forevermore. From this understanding, the role of a musical artist carries a great power and responsibility, to be conscious of the vibrations we share with the world. I pledge to inspire, to move people (and mountains) with my voice and music, to share my whole, beautiful and sometimes messy truth each and every moment I am on this sacred Earth, and encourage others to do the same. This life is precious. Only you can be you. Show up in all your glory. Rise and shine.

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