🌊 I don’t always feel brave.🌊 Many steps have I taken in fear, but I took them anyway, knowing that on the other side of that fear might just be my bliss. Mostly I begin to see that those fears are irrelevant craftings of a mind’s attempt to understand and control what it cannot. What really matters is that I am in alignment with my Soul’s desires, and if the answer to that is yes, then I step on. I say thank you to the cautious, questioning part of me. The part that could very well save my life in certain situations. And still, I move on.
This Spring is bringing many new blessings and challenges for our family. I am now working outside our home 22 hours a week, unschooling and raising our boys and budding my passions as a conscious artist, at the cusp of announcing my new Patreon to the world, in hopes of turning this starving artist into a thriving artist. All the while, my husband’s company is taking off (grateful), and taking him to the skies, away from us more than ever. Oh, and did I mention we are also in the process of finding a new place to live by May?

Many days I am simply overwhelmed at all the omniverse is throwing at me at once. I go quiet on the IG airwaves, and then I remember that I am receiving all that I’ve been asking for.

The fear of wondering whether the heck I can do it all is real, and perhaps I share this because I need to let that fear be known before I can take my next step forward to what I feel very well could be the path of my bliss, our bliss, as a family.
I see this Patreon eventually allowing Jon, the kiddos and I to travel, work (play), learn and grow together. A vision we have held in our many years together.

This wire wrapped quartz druzy necklace just arrived about a week ago, not long after my beloved quartz point necklace fell and broke. It is a divinely timed gift from my treasured friends Lobo and Glow of @wiredandstoned. A new stone for new horizons. A new stone for my next step through fear. 💎🌞🌺⚡🌈 #1111 http://ift.tt/2mx0WQw

Author: Jess Bray

Singer-Songwriter + Producer in the high mountains of the Wild American West. Muse + Co-Creator of #ModernMusesOracle & #ModernMusesCommunity.

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