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The music we make, creates. Medicine music for the Soul.

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Perhaps for the tonal resonance quality inside the structures?? There is evidence to believe the pyramids were partly designed for sound healing.
Funny, just as the rainbow is a refraction of light, creating multiple colors simultaneously, overtoning/split throat singing causes a refraction of sound to create multiple tones simultaneously.
Fascinating to ponder the mysteries past. .
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The Great Pyramid’s slope angles match the angles necessary to perceive a rainbow. A rainbow is 2 wide, the double rainbow is 3 wide and the space between is 8 wide. 1,1,2,3,5,8 is Fibonacci.
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Author: A Muse in Harmony

I'm Jess, aka, A Muse in Harmony. Momprenuer, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Educator/Facilitator and all around Badass Manifestor. I embrace music from a holistic perspective. More than just entertainment, it's a powerful tool of entrainment for the body, mind, spirit and the world as we experience it. I pledge to inspire, to move people, and perhaps a mountain or two, with my voice and music. To share my whole, beautiful and sometimes messy truth each and every moment I am on this sacred Earth, and encourage others to do the same.

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