Relationships with women have not always been easy for me, but I must say, when I joined IG this began to shift. Never before have I felt such a kindred connection with so many Muses at once. I’m grateful for the healing. The opportunity to trust, to love, and to rise together. 🙌
Tribe, I love you! And not just the women, but the divine men, too! We are all in this beautiful world together at this time for a reason, and only for a season. Let’s soak it in.
Allisha @encourage_life_experience made this beautiful cotton crochet fringe bag for me (songbirds on the inside liner), and I’m in love! She is one of my closest friends on here, and if you’re not following her and her badassness, you should! @crochetfromhomemom is her shop page, and she’s also one of our Muses! Love you, Sister!
#shineon #happytrails #divinefeminine #lovemytribe #crochetbag #naturelover #healing

Author: Jess Bray

Singer-Songwriter + Producer in the high mountains of the Wild American West. Muse + Co-Creator of #ModernMusesOracle & #ModernMusesCommunity.

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